Aeron Brown's art is transcendent and I get lost as if one picture becomes a realm of thought, beauty and creativity. His style, process, and gift will take your imagination on a journey and touch your Spirit. It communicates so much that is part story, part prophetic and will inspire awe.

Shawn Bolz  (Author, Speaker, Prophetic Voice) 

Aeron Brown’s artwork is more than simply paint on canvas or the convergence of techniques. It’s a vibrant reflection of his relationship with the Creator and his deep belief in the Glory yet to be revealed. Aeron’s work is a clear call reminding all who view it that God is good and ready to pour His goodness out in abundance right here, right now. 

Matt Tommey (Artist, Mentor, Author & Speaker)

"The Shirts are great,  They breathe really well where the image is. I like the fabric,  they look great! Love these products!" 

Peter Sample (Online Customer)

“I have my Aeron Brown magnet on my refrigerator; to see such a striking painting at the start of my day puts beauty in the forefront of my mind.”

Natalie Jeanne (Online Customer)


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