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Belonging by Aeron Brown
Size: 2 Feet x 1.5 Feet (24 inches x 18 inches)
Canvas: One inch deep

Come now, let's walk together. Take my hand, my sweet child, I will give you all that I am. I will pour out my heart into your heart—rivers and waterfalls of grace upon grace, joy and strength, peace that passes understanding. I just want to be with you. You are my much loved child and I will raise you up into the universe of my beauty, endless wonder, and unbroken fellowship. You will carry my living water to the broken and thirsty, to the hopeless and hurting. You are my precious vessel and I am your father. You will always be mine. I draw you above these clouds to go where no other has gone. I draw you with gentle cords and tender bands of love. A smoldering flame I will not snuff out. A bruised reed I will not break. I desire you with all my heart and soul, for I am your father and you are my child.