Silent Wonder

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Silent Wonder - Aeron Brown
Size: 2 Feet x 2 Feet (24 inches x 24 inches)
Canvas: 2 inch deep

Words by Cindy Powell

Aeron Brown posted this stunning  picture of one of his recent paintings. He shared some of his thoughts about it (which were awesome) then asked others to do the same.
Sounds simple. After all, so much of my life is about words. It should be easy to capture a few of the thoughts this image evoked and jot them down. 

But I couldn’t.
Even more, I didn’t WANT to. Because the image didn’t evoke thoughts in me, it evoked feelings. Feelings I had absolutely no desire to put into words.
It may seem odd, but the more I use the “gift” of words to share my heart and life with others, the less I love words personally. I have always been a “feeler”—both spiritually and emotionally—I know things in my heart long before I am able articulate them in any kind of intelligible way. When it comes to spiritual realities, I often have no need for words at all. My deepest times of communion with Jesus transcend words. But years ago, I knew HE wanted me to begin contending for simple language to convey spiritual truths. Not because I needed it—because it was often helpful for others.  
A funny thing happened along the way. I don’t write, or even journal, for myself much anymore. Even when I think that’s what I’m doing, He’ll often nudge me to share the things I thought I wrote just for me. Instead, I have come to treasure moments when words are not needed. Those are the moments when it’s just me and Him. There is an unspoken reality that will always be ours and ours alone. There will never be a nudge to share what can’t be shared. 
I’ve fought hard over the years to find my authentic voice. But part of finding my voice is also having the freedom to remain silent. That is really the very best compliment I can give to a work of art. That it moved me to a place of silence. To a place of quiet contemplation. To a place where I didn’t want to find words—I just wanted to feel. 
In those moments, my greatest longing is to linger with Jesus—heart to heart, and spirit to spirit— in that cherished place where words simply aren’t needed.  When it comes to the language of the Spirit, some things speak loudest when they remain unspoken.