Strength in Suffering

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Strength in Suffering by Aeron Brown
Size: 3 Feet x 3 Feet (36 inches x 36 inches)
Canvas: One inch deep

The winds of adversity have blown , the circumstances have dictated in the past, but I have seen your heart, every the weak, "yes" that has cried out to me in the midst of the pain, it has ravished my heart my love. The fragrance of your heart has ravished my heart. With just one look of your eye, in the suffering, I have seen your strength of love. I would validate your love today my dear one . You are a roaring rose, you are a beautiful bloom upon this earth, you are a lily of the valley, a rose of sharon , you have captured my heart. I am yours and you are mine. Together now we will leap over these mountains of difficulty, Until the day breaks and the mountains flee away we will go through the fire but not be burned, we will go through the water and not be down. This love is a fire, stronger than death, many waters cannot drowned our love ,neither can flood put it out.