About Aeron

Aeron Razz Brown was born and raised in the Inland Empire of Southern California. At the passing of his father at a young age, Aeron was submersed in his father’s sketches, lyrics and creativity. As any son does, Aeron wanted to connect with his father in the very few ways he knew how, art and music. Aeron started collaging his father’s scraps of artwork into his drawings and later on started collecting vintage found objects onto his own hand painted works of art. Aeron captures light and beauty with a modern Indie Style of acrylic paintings. He shares his vibrant, colorful, creations all over Southern California and has now become a very well established artist.


Aeron Brown at his Gallery

What interests me most about visual art is the story that unfolds during the creative process. Art is connected to the stories and lives of people transpiring in the world around us. I try to show this in my visual work attempting to depict the tangled web of emotions, stories, and experiences that we all share. This happens in the studio, yes, but I also try to share this experience by bringing the creation of art into public places.

By creating with musicians and speakers in a variety of settings, the audience is allowed to partake in the creative process, finding themselves personally relating to the art and internalizing their own experience with it.

Art that invokes the deepest part of a human being’s spirit, art that can make a grown man cry, make a woman labor in thought and cause a child to pause in curious reflection has always been a compelling force in Aeron’s life. Seeing through multi-colored lenses, everything becomes a source of inspiration and a form of raw creativity. Waiting, longing, groaning to be painted. It can be as simple as an outlined figure or as complex as precariously placed scripture, phrases or magazine clippings across a canvas to convey a message. Art is what inspires the soul and gives wings to the caged bird. This is just a small way to describe the art that issues forth from a man who creates out of the seasons of his life.