Ascend Above

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Ascend Above by Aeron Brown
Size: 3 Feet x 3 Feet (36 inches x 36 inches)
Canvas: 1.5 inch deep

You were created to live above this moment. I have prepared a place for you even in this , to be powerful, to live with a enlarged heart of blooming love, fragrant love. I have made you capable, I have made you greater than your fears , greater than this world. You may not feel it now, but the feelings of man do not change the realities of God. I have not left you helpless. The righteous are as bold and courageous as lions. Have I not commanded you to be of my fearless courage? Why would I abandoned you now. I have prepared you for this moment. I am your sufficiency. Set your mind on things above. I know you have felt crushed, and hopeless and my heart has broken for your heart. But I have provided a way out, a way of escape, ascend with me now, arise above.