Bloom - 5 Pack Temporary Tattoo

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By Aeron Brown

You may be in this desert but you are not of it. You are my Eden upon this earth. Feel the wind of my spirit lead you to where you should go. Who is this coming out of the wilderness leaning upon the wind of the Spirit within her? She is my beloved, the one my heart adores.  She is mine, the one my heart loves. Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away she makes her way to me. She is altogether lovely, she is the joy of my heart, she carries the flowering of truth, she knows who she is. She is not of this world.

About the Tattoos

they last at least four days, but the ones I’ve worn have been 6-8 days. The idea is that they each last at least 4 days, so a 5 pack will get you through ~21 days... research shows that 21 days creates a habit, and we are trying to help you create a habit of healing/breakthrough/hope/faith!

Size or tattoos are 2" by 3" inch