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By Aeron Brown

Son of man, can these bones live? Can I not make beauty for ashes?

Will not I turn the wastelands into wetlands? Is it not I who breathed life into humanity and made them like a vast army from the earth? Is it not I who at this very moment breathes life into your lungs, and a heartbeat in your chest? You will not surely die, your bed will not be your tomb. This is not your end but your beginning. Behold the Lord your God. Son of man, I say to you live!

About the Tattoos

they last at least four days, but the ones I’ve worn have been 6-8 days. The idea is that they each last at least 4 days, so a 5 pack will get you through ~21 days... research shows that 21 days creates a habit, and we are trying to help you create a habit of healing/breakthrough/hope/faith!

Size or tattoos are 2" by 3" inch